Guide & Toolkit Workshops

Building from the Connecting Cultures & Communities – Guide and Toolkit We have developed three videos and workbooks covering the contents of these workshops. These will work well both for individuals and done as groups. Accompanying each video is a workbook.

These resources are not yet complete but will be available soon.

Workshop Video Summaries

Module 1 – Cultural Competence Development

What does it mean to be culturally competent?

This workshop video supports an introductory exploration of concepts related to culture and newcomer integration. Leveraging Pembina Valley statistics and newcomer stories, we will build a deeper understanding of the experience of our newcomer neighbours.

Module 2 – Culture & Communication

Communication is hard. Sometimes we are good at it and sometimes we struggle. What could we do to understand each other better?

This workshop video discusses the connection between culture and communication. The workshop encourages thoughtful consideration around our communication norms and patterns, and the impact that has on integration for everyone in the Pembina Valley.

Module 3 – Change & Settlement

How hard can it be to move? You find a place, settle down, and get on with life, right?

This workshop video explores the influencing factors on settlement and successful integration for newcomers. We go below the surface and look at some of the deeper factors that impact settlement experience.