Get Involved

We all have a role to play in keeping the Pembina Valley a strong and vibrant community.

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are community-based partnerships that:

  • Develop and engage a multi-sector council, diverse immigrant advisory table and working groups to support the community’s settlement and integration priorities;
  • Engage traditional and non-traditional partners in the inclusion of newcomers;
  • Support community-level research and strategic planning;
  • Strengthen local capacity to integrate newcomers; and
  • Increase knowledge about newcomer needs, strengths and local strategies for support.

What can you do to promote welcoming attitudes and increase the full participation of newcomers throughout the Pembina Valley Region?


Sharing information helps to illustrate all the amazing work being done by so many. The more we all know and understand, the better off we are to make informed decisions, to be active participants in our community, and to support one another in all of our efforts. Let us know of upcoming events, training, courses, projects etc. We would be happy to share this information through our networks and our various platforms. Check out our Resources here.


The Local Immigration Partnership continues to seek out engaged and enthusiastic stakeholders – community organizations and individuals. Whether as a member on a working group or as a representative on the Regional Partnership Council; participating leads to positive, tangible outcomes for newcomers to Canada and the Pembina Valley and its communities. Contact us to discuss where your skills, experience, and enthusiasm can be best utilized.

Join the Regional Partnership Council or Ethno-Cultural Council

The PVLIP Regional Partnership Council will develop a coordinated, comprehensive strategic plan and action plan that meets the following objectives:

  • To create communities that are welcoming and inclusive;
  • To support economic, social, cultural, and civic/political integration of newcomers living in the Pembina Valley Region.

The PVLIP Ethno-Cultural Council (formerly the Immigrant Advisory Table) provides first-hand experience and insight on living as an immigrant in the Pembina Valley. This expertise will be used to:

  • identify needs and gaps throughout the Pembina Valley on what makes a welcoming and inclusive community
  • inform and support strategic and action planning by the PVLIP Council, working groups, and PVLIP Coordinator.

For more information or to join the Partnership Council or Ethno-Cultural Council contact: