Community Leaders

We hope this tip sheet sparks ideas of how you can make meaningful actions that contribute to a Strong, Vibrant, Community. By no means is this an exhaustive list, just a way to help generate thoughts and ideas. If you are doing something that is not on any of these lists, we would love for you to share it with us, we’ll share it through our networks via social media and other communication platforms.

Two Women in Cultural Dress

Improve Integration

  • When planning major community events, get input from newcomers and try to include newcomers in events (showcasing cultural displays, that can include food, special skills, dance). Contact Regional Connections if you need help locating newcomers in your community

Improve Engagement

  • Ensure that basic information about community groups and community services is available in hard copy and on community websites.
  • Provide current, readily accessible information on community services and things to see and do in the area, as well as community and regional events 
  • When community groups are looking for volunteers or wanting new people to get involved in community projects, provide a simple volunteer job description for each task. Don’t expect newcomers to know how your organization has always done things and be open to new ideas
  • ‘Word of mouth’ advertising is not a reliable source of communication when reaching new comers in your community. Online or print versions of local events, free activities, social opportunities, community events, religious or faith-based activities, are not easily accessible unless posted on a public event calendar
Say Hello - Bubbles

Support Diversity

  • Learn how to say ‘hello’ in the newcomers language
  • Volunteer groups need to ask newcomers to help – don’t expect newcomers to come to you. If newcomers have offered to help, be receptive to new ideas and new ways of doing things.
  • Become informed about new cultures in the community and create, on an ongoing basis, ways of integrating new cultures, activities and newcomers interests into the community. Connect with your local settlement agencies for ways to work together: Regional ConnectionsMANSO; Immigrate Manitoba


  • Participate in initiatives, organizations, networks, and committees that are committed to building a strong, vibrant community such as service clubs – Kinsmen, Regional Connections Volunteer Program, and the Pembina Valley Local Immigration Partnership